Grok AI Draw vs Bicasso

Grok AI Draw

Grok AI Draw combines the advantages of Dall-E 2 and Latent Diffusion, introducing fresh concepts. It takes advantage of the CLIP model for encoding both text and image, and utilises a diffusion image prior (mapping) to connect the CLIP modalities' latent spaces.​ It is an innovative text-to-image diffusion model that allows users to create photorealistic images quickly and easily using only a text input. This empowering technology gives billions of people the potential to quickly create beautiful works of art without limits, offering endless creative freedom.


Binance Bicasso, an AI NFT generator, provides an accessible and low-barrier entry point into the world of NFTs and digital arts for users who don’t have a design background. Through Binance Bicasso, you can create unique artwork with texts or images and mint your creations as an NFT on BNB Chain. Please note that your NFT minted on Binance Bicasso is non-tradable. As of this writing, Bicasso is now temporarily closed to public.

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