C++ Trading Platform Developer

About the role:

We are seeking a Quantitative Developer to join our trading team. Your responsibilities will include developing and implementing our low latency cryptocurrency and FX trading system, creating data analysis tools, and conducting statistical research on financial markets and trading activities. You must have a working knowledge of quantitative methods and have experience with developing automated trading systems. This is a great opportunity for someone to join a cutting-edge trading team and make a significant contribution to our success.

  • We strive to continually enhance the design and performance of our automated trading system, including exchange connectivity, order and risk management system. We work to implement trading strategies, such as market making, hedging, arbitrage and algo trading, which are highly adjustable for live trading and easy to integrate with our backtesting system.

  • Collaborate with other teams to facilitate automation of trading, reconciliation, and analytics processes.

  • Assist users with troubleshooting and technical issues related to the trading system. Monitor system usage and performance, and respond to inquiries from users regarding functionality, security and other aspects of system operations. Investigate, fix and document any system malfunctions. Train users on system use and help them understand the features of the trading system.

Job Requirements:

  • 5+ years of working experience with C++.

  • Had experience with the Boost C++ library, ZeroMQ messaging library, MongoDB database, as well as Google's Protocol Buffers.

  • Having knowledge of optimization through modern Single Instruction Multiple Data (SIMD) technology or Graphic Processing Unit (GPU) programming is advantageous.

  • A comprehensive knowledge of the C++ memory structure, synchronization techniques, and optimal practices.