Developer Relations

About The Role:

DevRel includes activities such as education, online interactions on social media, in-person meetups, and speaking engagements. The goals of DevRel are to create relationships with developers to better understand their needs, increase user engagement, and support more efficient continuous delivery processes.

  • Assume responsibility for the developer experience on X AI, initiating and implementing protocols, regulations, and documentation that support successful adoption by developers, as well as creating and distributing tools and other supporting materials necessary for their utilization.

  • Act as the primary technical liaison for teams leveraging XAI for staking applications across the staking ecosystem, potential grant applicants and 3rd party infrastructure providers. Build relationships with all stakeholders involved and provide point-of-contact support throughout the process.

  • Optimize our developer experience and funnel by refining and creating dev tools and resources, while repeatedly taking into account feedback.

  • Be responsible for engaging with the developer community by providing updates on protocol updates, offering code support on Telegram, attending hackathons, and presenting/educating at both virtual and in-person conferences.

  • Combine developer feedback into explicit technical specifications and collaborate with the engineering team to upgrade our products as needed.

Job Requirements:

  • It is essential to possess an enthusiasm for interacting closely with, cultivating, and developing the web3 developer community.

  • It is advantageous to have prior background in constructing and sustaining a developer community with a technical focus.

  • Expertise in the fundamentals of developer relations, including Community engagement, Coding proficiency, and Content creation.

  • Technical writing, with its focus on conveying information and instructions to specific audiences through documentation and tutorials, is an important part of communication.

  • Possess great interpersonal abilities, with an outlook that is focused on users and the community.

  • Had two or more years of background in software engineering and in developer relations at blockchain or developer-oriented software firms.

  • Have experience in various aspects of blockchain, cryptography, and distributed systems.